How Wolves Helped Yellowstone National Park

PearHaven recommends this wonderful video about wolves.

How Wolves Change Rivers

From  ”When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” – John Muir. When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent for nearly 70 years, the most remarkable “trophic cascade” occurred. What is a trophic cascade and how exactly do wolves change rivers? British environmental journalist George Monbiot explains in this video remix by Sustainable Man. – See more at:

A film by Sustainable Man.

Video from KarmaTube

Special Needs Brownie Needs a Forever Home

Brownie was a backyard dog whose owner dumped him at the Austin Animal Shelter after he was hit by a car. The Austin Animal Center saved his leg but he has a deformed paw and permanent limp. Brownie arrived very thin, with many scars, heartworm positive, and a very bad coat but, in true doggie spirit, he quickly bonded with staff workers and became a staff favorite.Unbelievably, Brownie stayed in the shelter for almost a year!! He officially became a “Hard Luck Hound” and one of the longest stays in the shelter!! When his “time was up”, I found some very kind folks at Dog Camp who generously kept Brownie for 5 long months until my own foster dog was adopted.

Finally, I brought my boy home! He was an absolute angel in the house. We were going to keep him with my 2 other dogs when the big problem arose — Brownie started guarding us. He wouldn’t let any other male in the home.

He is NOT an aggressive dog. He’s only doing what some human, who dumped him, taught him. He loves his people deeply and wants to protect them. Sadly, this sweet, affectionate dog is not adoptable.

We have a GREAT solution to save Brownie but we need your help!

My friend, Adette, who runs I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy ( want to build a “sanctuary for one” for him where he can remain close to his human and canine friends.

If we can raise enough money for a small building, which, will be partitioned in half for other dogs in need of rescue, Adette’s non-profit will finish it out and fence a nice yard. Brownie will get daily walks in her 9 acre woods and plenty of love! It would be so amazing if Brownie could finally settle in here!!

Brownie is one of the saddest cases. . . He just can’t seem to catch a break . . . . Can you please help turn this sweet boy’s luck around and help give him the forever home he deserves?


Why Dining Etiquette is Important

The Importance of Dining Etiquette
By Victoria Pilate, Ph.D. 
People notice everything. This is particularly true in business
relationships. In addition to great job performance, having good
dining etiquette helps to establish your credibility and reputation.
It also helps to make you an accepted member of the business
group. And if you think about it, it helps build your self confidence. It’s another skill to
add to your professional repertoire.
Deciphering Table Manners 

Forks and knives are arranged by use from the outermost being the first used. While
eating, place knife, like a hat, across top of plate horizontally.
If there are two knives as part of
the setting, the fish (or salad
knife) will be the rightmost knife.
The inner fork and knife are
provided for the entree.
The water goblet and/or drinking glass to the right are yours.
The bread plate to the left is yours. Use the butter knife to put
a butter pat on your bread plate and then use your own knife to
butter the bread.
Tenets of Good Dinner Conversation: 

Don’t be afraid of silence. 

Read the paper or surf the internet beforehand
to have current events topics in mind for dinner
small talk.
If all else fails, talk about what’s in front of you if you can’t think
of anything else (e.g., the lovely decorum of the
restaurant, attractive floral centerpiece on
table, etc). 

Good Manners at Meals 

When deciding what to order, once you have decided,
close your menu. It’s a signal to the wait staff that
you’re ready to order. 

Wait until everyone is served before beginning to eat. 

Turn your cell phone off. 

Keep the table free of the extras like keys, portfolios and notebooks. If attending a
banquet, you may keep the dinner program handy on the table. 

Quick Tips on “Power Lunches”
Relax. Even if the day is filled with negotiations, the expectation for meals is relaxation
and small talk. Take small bites so you can converse easily without a full mouth. Relax,
but remember you’re still in a business setting. 

If you’re the guest at a business lunch such as a meal as part
of a site visit, it is understood that the host is paying for the
meal. You don’t have to offer to pay; just say thanks and
express appreciation. 

Keep it simple when ordering. Don’t try to show off by ordering
the most expensive thing on the menu. Business lunches are not
the best place to try something exotic and new nor to try
something messy or complicated. Lobster, ribs and fajitas spell
If you ordered it, eat it. It’s an insult to the host. Bring any
problem with the food discreetly to the attention of the wait staff.
Don’t order alcohol even if your host does. 

Bonus Points for Business Dining
If you have to get up to get something for yourself, ask if
others at the table need anything.
If eating soup, the motion of the spoon should be away from
you. If eating dessert the motion of the spoon is towards

Resting elbows on table.
Brushing hair or applying makeup at table.
Putting your purse on
Blowing your nose at the table.
Being rude to the wait staff. 

Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms 
By Victoria Pilate, Ph.D. 
Published by Crandell & Rose
ISBN : 0-9759665-0-2
Price $13
 Paisley Goes with Nothing: A Man’s Guide to Style by Hal Rubenstein. 

For more information:
Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms by Victoria Pilate (Crandell & Rose, $13)
The Art of the Business Lunch: Building Relationships
Between 12 and 2 by Robin Jay (Career Press, $14.99)
Don't Take the Last Donut: New Rules of
Business Etiquette by Judith Bowman 


Crandell & Rose presents: 


Contact: Michele
Publicity Director

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teachers and career professionals are
available from

Take Your Valentine to one of the Top 100 scenic Restaurants for 2013

Take Your Valentine to one of the Top 100 scenic Restaurants for 2013

PearHaven recommends these restaurants for Valentine’s Day:

OpenTable Diners’ Choice

2013 Annual Winners – Best Scenic View Restaurants

As voted by OpenTable Diners

Go to this link and see all the winners:

From OpenTable: The list of winners is based on more than 5 million restaurant reviews submitted by OpenTable diners for more than 15,000 restaurants in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.”

Diners’ recommendation:  Caprice Restaurant, Tiburon, CA …panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, and Angel Island.A Caprice



Diners’ recommendation:  Chart House Restaurant – Tower of the Americas, San Antonio, TX, spectacular views  as you relax and dine, marveling the city below

Do You Want Some Kindness Ideas?

Looking for a way to spread some kindness?  Pearhaven recommends this article from that will help you find some daily and easy Kindness ideas that just might make someone else’s day.

21 Day Kindness Challenge Top 10 |

“I picked up some potted mums and my daughter and I ding-dong-ditched and put the flowers on the doorstep of a neighbor we do not know – but appears to be going through chemo. We loved doing it and hopefully made someone smile in the process! Thank you kindness challenge!” 

- See more at:

For Busy Families, Holiday Travel Can Offer the Gift of Quality Time – Family Living

PearHaven recommends this article:  For Busy Families, Holiday Travel Can Offer the Gift of Quality Time – Family Living.

“A holiday road trip offers the perfect opportunity to set aside our busy routines and really bond with the people who mean the most to us,” says family travel expert, Emily Kaufman, known as “The Travel Mom.”

Read this excerpt From

Teach Kids to “Pay It Forward”

The holiday season is an extra special time of year to teach kids to “pay it forward.” Here are a few ideas for practicing random acts of kindness along your journey:

• Leave behind a “thank you” note to a server or someone who helps you on your trip.


• Pay the toll for the car behind you.


• Buy someone coffee — a warm beverage warms the heart.


• Hold the door for someone.

Get more ideas at




Fun Places to Take a Sleigh Ride

PearHaven recommends this fun article about places to take a sleigh ride:

Remember the Sound of Music…Visit the von Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont.  Carole Terwilliger Meyers writes about six places for sleigh rides in her article.  We have included the excerpt about the Trapp Family Lodge and their sleigh ride.

6 Places To Take Sleigh Rides

By Carole Terwilliger Meyers  Trapp Family Lodge


Where: Stowe, Vermont

Sleigh rides offered: December through February
Before you visit this Green Mountain lodge, watch The Sound of Music with the kids and tell them the von Trapp family depicted in the movie opened this mountain inn in 1950. Two Belgian horses pull the sleigh, which holds ten people, and glides for a half hour over trails through birch trees and provides expansive mountain views.
Get more information:
Trapp Family Lodge


Dr. Laura Markham Thanksgiving Rituals for Families

Dr. Laura Markham Thanksgiving Rituals for Families

Here is one ritual from her list of ten.

  1. Make a blessing tree and post it on the wall. On Thanksgiving, everyone writes things they’re grateful for on construction paper leaves and tapes them to the tree. If you save this and add to it every year, it will become an heirloom, as the children grow and the family constellation changes. You can also do this as a Blessing Book and keep adding pages.