Adventurous Couples

It is time to commit a day to create an adventure together. The excitement of backpacking, hiking, rock climbing and cave spelunking is the perfect way to get out in the world and discover raw nature as a couple. Enchanted rock, just north of Fredericksburg and about 1.5 hours from Austin, is one of the most beloved state parks in Texas. It is essential for couples to have time to themselves; spend it on the world’s natural playground. Create an adventure together!

Soak in the miles of open Texas landscape.

It's not an adventure if you don't have to crawl between boulders.

Austin Summer Snapshot

This begins our series on what is most important to us: Date Ideas.  The healthiest relationships are those that are filled with varied and exciting experiences.  Going to the same familiar places is not going to cut it.

Mini-Golf and Snow Cones
Battle it out on the green, then cool off with snow cones a few blocks away.

Peter Pan Mini-Golf


Queso and Skyline
Step 1: Indulge in Tex-Mex deliciousness. Step 2: Walk it off alongside the Austin skyline.


Butler Park

Chill Out
Join other Austinites and catch some rays or take a dive into Austin’s favorite refreshing 68 degree (year-round) natural spring.

Barton Springs