Date Ideas From PearHaven: Ice Skating Date

So you and your significant other have gone on the same date three times in the past week. Why should you have to go on a date more than once? Here is another date idea from PearHaven to prevent you and your partner from going to the same date twice.

Ice skating is a great date idea and you and your significant other will have a great time seeing who can do the coolest tricks without falling. Ice skating isn’t reserved for winter months, with indoor skating rinks everywhere. You don’t have to be a professional ice skater in order to enjoy this sport. Ice skating is also a way to beat the heat of summer. This will be a bonding experience for you and your significant other and will be a completely different experience.









Here is a site to give you some great tips on learning to ice skate.

Date Ideas From PearHaven: Kite Flying Date

Need a new date idea that doesn’t involve an expensive dinner or another night at the movies? How about an exciting yet cheap date idea? Here’s one from PearHaven!

Kite flying only requires a pair of kites and good weather. You and your significant other will have a great time seeing who can fly their kite the highest and farthest. Being outside will be a refreshing change from the work week. If you and your partner think kite flying is overrated, then just take out a blanket and sit and watch the clouds. Either way, this date idea will be a unique experience for you and your partner.













Check out this website to learn more about kite flying!

Date Ideas From PearHaven: Game Night Date

Sick of sitting on the couch watching movies with your significant other? Why not go on a new date? Not sure where to find those date ideas? Well here’s a date idea from PearHaven that costs barely anything and is tons of fun!

Why not have a game night? You and your partner probably have a favorite childhood game such as Monopoly, Guess Who or Risk. Have a game night with this board game after dinner. And if you don’t agree on the game, play both games or try out a new one. You and your significant other could play a game requiring strategy or complete luck. If you don’t own a board game, you could just play a card game such as Speed. And if you lost that old deck of cards then there is probably an app for any board game you want to play. If all else fails, there is always the classic Truth or Dare.











Check out these numerous two-player card games!

Memorial Day Remembrance

Memorial Day is coming up and PearHaven would like to thank all the courageous, selfless people who have served our country and are currently serving our country. We would also like to honor those who have lost their lives serving. Without these brave soldiers the United States of America would not be the free democracy it is today. We also extend prayers and best wishes to families of veterans, alive and fallen, and those currently serving.

A high school in Texas has created a site in honor of all those veterans who served and lost their lives in the Vietnam War: Virtual Vietnam Memorial.

Date Ideas From PearHaven: Zoo Date

Tired going on the same date four times in the past month? Want a new, entertaining date idea? Here’s one from PearHaven!

Why not visit a zoo with your significant other? You’ll get to see differnt animals, and at some zoos you can actually interact with the animals. You can never be too old visit the zoo and explore what wondrous creatures are at your local zoo. Zoo experiences cannot be replaced by watching Animal Planet or National Geographic. For example, at the Dallas Zoo you can feed and pet giraffes. You and your partner will have a great time watching wildlife, an experience that only zoos can offer.









Check out this site to see the Top 10 Zoos of America!

Date Ideas from PearHaven: Rock Climbing Date

Chinese takeout is a very cliche date idea. You and your significant other deserve a new date idea that is unique and exciting. Check out this date idea from PearHaven!

Rock climbing is not only great exercise, but is also an entertaining way to test your physical and mental limits. You and your partner will have a great time encouraging one each other on while getting to see some beautiful landmarks. Rock climbing can also stay on the safer side, being inside with instructors that make sure you are 100% safe. This is a new way for you and your significant other to spend time together, instead of having another night full of Mu Shu Pork and chopsticks.











Check out some scenic parks in Texas to rock climb at and the basics of rock climbing here.


Date Ideas From PearHaven: Camping Date

Tired of the same old date every Saturday night? Looking for something unique you and your significant other can do together? Here is an interesting and low cost idea.

Why not just camp outside and lie beneath the stars and roast marshmallows? Camping can be an adventure far from home or just in the backyard. All it requires is a tent and a sleeping bag which can be substituted with a few sheets if you and your partner don’t have a tent. National parks have campsites set up complete with a fire pit for roasting marshmallows. But, if you and your significant other aren’t feeling that bold, you could just camp in your backyard. Either way, camping is a new and entertaining date with your partner.

Check out some campsites and state parks in Texas here.

Date Ideas from PearHaven: Sailing Date

Have you and your significant other repeated the same date the past three nights? Tired of going on the same boring date day after day with your partner? Check out PearHaven’s newest date idea that is an exciting change from the usual.

Sailing is a great way to enjoy a lake or ocean while spending time with your significant other. It requires a sailboat and a pair of life jackets and this equipment can be rented by the hour usually. Sailing also gets you away from the crowdedness of the city and monotony of the week, floating on the relaxing water with your partner.

Check out some of the rates of sailing at and see some beautiful pictures!



Date Ideas From PearHaven: Park Date

Are you and your significan other running out of date ideas? Tired of going to the same restaurant multiple nights a week? Check out this date idea that is entertaining and costs very little.

Hiking at a national park or just walking on a nearby trail is a great way to spend time with your significant other. Plus, you get a workout. Being in the outdoors will also give you and your partner a break from the daily grind. There are magnificent state parks available to the public, but there could also be a wonderful walking trail in your neighborhood. Also, if you and your date own bikes, you both could pedal through these trails. No matter where you hike or bike, this date can be a different and exciting experience with your significant other.











Check out this certain park: Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

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