“A Titanic Love Affair”

Philip Getz writes, “ In one of the most moving eyewitness accounts of the Strauses on the Titanic, Charles E. Stengel, a Newark man, said, “The last thing I saw as we pulled away in the boats was the woman in whose gentle heart was a heroism greater than I have ever witnessed, standing clasped in her husband’s arms while the water mounted about them.”  Ida’s body was never found.  Isidor’s, one of 56 identified on April 26, 1912, lies in the Straus family plot in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.  On the side of his tomb is a verse from the Song of Songs, usually read aloud this time of year: “Many waters cannot quench love; neither can floods drown it.” The holidays are a nice time to remember real love stories, reminding us of love and devotion to one another. Read the full romantic love story here: A Titanic Love Affair.

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